22 comments on “Boat Trip Around The Awesome USS Theodore Roosevelt At Portsmouth England.”

  1. Wonkabar007 says:

    The skipper said there are some Growlers on deck, can anyone ID one on deck

  2. TheTypeRTheory says:

    That was great, a real sense of scale. Thanks mate.

  3. Abandoned UK says:

    Awesome engineering! No expense spared on this “big stick”. I hope the gold
    anchor was a gift from a grateful benefactor;) Thanks for the closest views
    security would allow you.

  4. Wonkabar007 says:

    Boat trip around the USS Theodor Roosevelt aircraft carrier.

  5. Raymond Thomas says:


  6. TorontoChannel says:

    Pal that thing is just huge beyond imagination.

  7. Matt James says:

    USS Theodore Roosevelt boat trip in Portsmouth England (by Wonkabar007)

  8. inselvideo says:

    Wow,amazing!What a great tour!Big LIKE!Greetings!

  9. Mark Johnson says:

    My son is on there. Go Navy ABHAR

  10. Dan Kaye says:

    I went on the boat trip today and the trip was 33 minuets longer than it
    should have been, also I had left my camera in the car (doh) so only had my
    phone haha. 

  11. Nathan Jenkins says:

    Absolutely fantastic.

  12. MadLive says:


  13. TheophilusPWildbeest says:

    Oh wow. You lucky sod, I live at the other end of the country and have to
    go to work while you’re eyeing up the heaviest metal in the US arsenal.
    Jealous ain’t the word for it, but thanks for sharing the vid.

  14. SuperRealityKid says:

    I circled this magnificent carrier in my Foxbat aircraft on the 27th March
    2015 in Stokes Bay, Portsmouth. Visit my channel for the aerial view.

  15. hostile177 says:

    You got a better look than most Americans ever get to see.

  16. supraking85 says:

    wow, thank you wonka. amazing footage of an amazing machine

  17. Jose Guerrero says:

    My daughter is on this carrier

  18. Macaulay Rose says:

    So many jets <3

  19. Mexiepino says:

    The gold anchor signifies an award for being best in the navy for the year.
    Only one ship per class can display them e.g. Aircraft Carrier, Cruiser,
    Destroyer and/or frigate. 

  20. England86 says:

    And this is one of the older carriers. The new ones of the Gerald R Ford
    class are just wonderful. the US Navy really is amazing 

  21. Sierra Nevada says:

    tip top wonka once again

  22. Mexiepino says:

    I forgot to mention, the air wing on the Roosevelt is CVW-1. It’s last
    cruise was on CVN-65 U.S.S. Enterprise 2012. Enterprise decommissioned on
    December of the same year. CVW-1 consists of 10 squadrons of around 72-76
    aircraft. That’s enough to keep the bad guys from getting close. 

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