10 comments on “Boat Trip Michigan to Florida Part 1.wmv”

  1. hutie3333333 says:

    20:55 fart. I know you put that in there on purpose. I bet 95% of the
    people who watched this never even picked that up. Well I did. Nice work!

  2. Connor Wright says:

    is betty your wife? and where did she go because after part 2 it was just
    you for a little while like when you were in new york

  3. Ryan Casey says:

    what kind of boat?

  4. Neal Watson says:

    Just watched all your videos and this is my dream boat cruise… I have a
    36 footer out of Chicago, and so want to do the great loop… Thank you for
    sharing. I’m trying to educate my self as much as possible before the time
    comes to take the plunge and float away!

  5. bigblockcutlass123 says:

    You need to get part 4 back on here. I have to see that!! this is good.

  6. siestakeyjim says:

    Part 4 is back! (Had to remove some copyrighted music)!

  7. siestakeyjim says:

    1986 Mainship 34″ Trawler. This boat has a single diesel engine and has the
    proven reputation of being about the most economical boat ever made! My
    total cost for fuel was about $1,000 – (My previous 28′ gas powered cabin
    cruiser would have used almost $10,000 in gas)!

  8. Otisserick Gafenstaffelisimo says:

    Really outstanding! Look forward to watching the rest. Looks like you had a
    great time. I am the kind of guy that absolutely loves boating but have
    never owned a boat. I’ve house-boated on Lake Powell but this cruise of
    your seems like a total blast!

  9. Ryan Casey says:

    holy crap!! how much was the boat. my dream trip is from long island (where
    im from) to miami florida!

  10. Lauren Johnson says:

    so who are these two women on board?

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