25 comments on “Boat Trip Michigan to Florida Part 4”

  1. Toby Slave says:

    how many gallons of fuel and how many days total?

  2. roger white says:

    lol fuel 98 cents now that is history

  3. Major Disdain says:

    $1000 in fuel in 2001 = $3000 in fuel in 2015

  4. r a cooper says:

    A historic trip and one you will never ever forget. Glade you left when you
    did. They say life is nothing but luck and timing. And you my friend, set
    out on the right week. Everyones life changed on 911. Mine shore did, my
    son was 2 years from finishing high school, and soon he would be going into
    the marines. What next, Iraq. Well, he did two tours, and came
    back ok, and you—– had a great dream trip. I sit and dream of hitting
    the lottery some day, and going on my dream world tour, with my own 65 ft.
    Bering trawler. Thanks for the memories!!!!!

  5. Tylnorton says:

    Coming from a 17 year old, I believe this was a great adventure story from
    you. Very cool from Michigan to Florida! Good Job sir!

  6. Brad Pagan says:

    Great job Jim and family! This was a nice way to spend my sat afternoon at
    work. I’m from Mich and now live in Fla.

  7. Derek Erfourth says:

    Great videos… I remember going to Boblo back in the 70s. Now I fish under
    I75 down in Ft Myers. Anyway, again great videos.

  8. empathicchristian says:

    That was very enjoyable. The further south you got the more you would swear

  9. opatin27 says:

    Great videos i really enjoyed them, thanks for sahring. Originally from New
    York now live in Fla. my dream is to sail down from the lakes down to
    Florida, i have sailed the caribbean on a Morgan 33 sailboat now own a 42
    searay which i’m about to sell and purchase a trawler. It will be the first
    step in accomplishing that dream even though it may just stay a dream as
    time constraints may interfere on achieving it, that is the good thing
    about you videos at least i get to see someone else live the dream and
    share his experiences.

    Thanks Again.

  10. Alec Brice says:

    Wow! What a voyage!!! My grandparents live in Venice Fl. It’s a great area
    for sure!

  11. slav plotnitsky says:

    Good job, Jim

  12. srok62 says:

    Wonderful videos Jim! Thanks for sharing this trip. Very errie to see the
    World Trade Center pre 9/11.
    Enjoyed your sailing video also, quite the comedy show. I’ll have to look
    you up next trip to Turtle Beach.

  13. Detlef K. says:

    What a nice trip. I enjoy all the 4 parts. Thank you very much for this.
    Greetings from Germany

  14. Richard Hartman says:

    I went from Lorain Ohio to the Atlantic Ocean and back when I was 30
    Years old. I can’t wait to do the trip you did… It is awesome…Thank you
    for taking the time to video…

  15. Venomous villain says:

    Wait I don’t understand how you got from Michigan out to sea can somebody
    explain me

  16. bigblockcutlass123 says:

    Thankyou, That was cool.

  17. Superbubbadude Fritz says:

    Hey wait a second. Was this a one way trip? Did they abandon michigan?

  18. Superbubbadude Fritz says:

    I just completed a partial trip from grosse pointe to buffalo and back. We
    had a blast. I think when we finally retire we will follow in your wake.

  19. Lauren Johnson says:

    I noticed the women left in #2 & 3 but showed up again in #4! We also have
    a boat a 270 larson express cruiser, next boat searay 310, then meridian
    350. Husband wants final boat with diesels, now i know why!

  20. Otisserick Gafenstaffelisimo says:

    What a wonderful journey! I really enjoyed that! Great job of putting it
    all together.

  21. siestakeyjim says:

    Yes! Now live on Siesta Key in Florida!

  22. Anand Geetey says:

    Thank you for uploading all these four videos. I enjoyed watching them.

  23. Chuck Wass says:

    very nice trip thank you !

  24. Michael Stallman says:

    Loved the videos

  25. gavazzfromoz says:

    You just past my house marine land fl.

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