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Upcoming Easter Regatta in Columbia

Easter Regatta of the Columbia Sailing Club is an event that has been on since the eighties. The popular category for sailing is the J/24s and this category has been on for several years now. This event is said to be one of the popular ones for the sailing community and the J/24 event has certainly endured. What it offers the sailors is a mix of world-class competition and a variety of shore-side events.

The regatta allows for amateur teams as well as professional contenders who vy for the trophy. There is something that impels sailors to return to this event every year. The club that organizes it, Columbia Sailing, has great facilities to offer as well. There is a Bath House in the camping area and the beach which campers can enjoy. Those who opt for membership at the club can get free camping which is first come first served basis, meals served at the club as well as get to be part of the parties and events organized by the club. The beach has wondrous views to offer and the peninsula setting of the same provides a camping experience that is liked by many.

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Alinghi Won 2018 Extreme Sailing Series

In the history of eight-year, this for the fourth time Alinghi the sailing team of Swiss competing in the Extreme Sailing Series and won the championship. It was the extraordinary final that held in Los Cabos in Mexico.

The win of this team created history and made Alinghi the victorious team to take part in the international, globe-trotting foiling circuit, The Wave, Muscat level with the former competitor.

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Sailing Enthusiasts Assembled At Annual Round Canvey Race

Several enthusiasts of sailing gathered at the Benfleet Yacht Club at the weekend to be the part of one of the premier rowing competitions of east coast that is taking place as competitors are raced around Canvey Island in the eighth.

In the competition, a total of twenty-eight boats participated and in the all stand in a line to start the 14.5-mile course. The course was all the way round Canvey Island, starting and finishing at the Benfleet Club.

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Gamagori Japan Sailing Venue

The World Cup Series that recently concluded in Japan was one of the Olympic events out of eight ones planned for Gamagori. The Men’s Skiff or the 49er was sent out on the day when there was no wind. However the conditions were not enough in a competitive race to be held. The scores hence remained the same after on day two as from the first day. This series in Japan suffered due to fickle winds. Gamagori is a coastal city that has about 80,000 people as its population. It has been suffering bad weather for quite some time.


Local sailors attribute the fickle wind conditions to the reason being between seasons. They state that this time of year is usually warm, but this year the current conditions have been different. Many local Japanese sailors were optimistic to sail in this venue and were hopeful to showcase some good achievements during the event.

Many were happy that outsiders were coming in to compete in this international event and getting to experience the local water conditions here. As the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games preparations are underway, this event will certainly give many a chance to acclimatize themselves to the waters by the coastlines of Japan. For the Japanese sailors it is also important that they get practice to compete with international teams over the three years that will lead to the next Olympic Games. There is a new sailing facility that has been built that is state of the art and where an international tournament called Tasar World Championships was held from 30th July to 6th August 2017.

Gamagori is being promoted as a sailing venue in Japan through Enoshima is the chosen venue for the 2020 Olympic Games. However the former has been chosen for the venue for the sailing competitions that would be part of the Asian Games which would be held in 2026. These games are quadrennial events which are held among Asian athletes and competitions here are valued as highly as the Olympics.

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Saratoga Rowing Association New Center

The Saratoga Rowing Association has been expanded in order to allow the city to bring in more racing athletes to the city. There has been added, a new center for the regatta and training. The cost is estimated to be one million. The center will have elite athletes as crew members who would train the high school rowers who enroll in the center, about two hundred or more.

The new building is about 5000 square feet in dimensions and is scheduled for inauguration shortly. There would be more room for storage and display of equipments as well as adults and students to use the facility for enhancing their rowing skills. (more…)

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Transat set to come to New York

The oldest and very first single-handed trans-ocean race The Transat has showcased that this would be going towards New York City and would end at the new ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina which would be an official host venue partner to the race along with Plymouth, United Kingdom. It is located in the heart of Brooklyn Bridge Park, just opposite Manhattan.

It is the brand new marina to be built in the New York City and is presently under constructon with a great opening set for 2016 Spring to be marked by this exciting and iconic race.

Brooklyn Marina

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