25 comments on “Grand Theft Auto V – A Little Boat Trip”

  1. Garras Porgratix says:

    How about cats? Do they have cats (stray/owned) in GTA5?

  2. shaquona white says:



  3. Mitch Steckel says:

    Where did you find the truck and boat

  4. eelco8800 says:

    and i thought there would be something useful or funny in your vid. But
    it’s just a stupid little boattrip.

  5. zayns my prince says:

    0:46 “but first lemme take a selfie”

  6. Amanda Coleiro says:

    Haha the dog 🙂

  7. Cassandra Esquerra says:


  8. foxriders917 says:

    Hha the dog pic

  9. 97dakotaman says:

    Now try to put the boat back on!

  10. julian Henderson says:

    jason hernandez you a little bitch boy cant call noboy a bitch

  11. RealCoolGuy says:

    I have the trick and trailer but how do I get the boat on it..? 

  12. TheItrollyoutodeath says:

    And now we be doing this soon on PC 😀 comes out this year.

  13. robert voydetich says:

    you should blown the sailboat up

  14. Mn9oryGold says:

    do a video on how to get the boat back on the trailer.

  15. MOMOSOFT1000 says:

    How can u connect / Disconnect the trailer from the car?

  16. Brokenake says:

    Franklin uses Samsung Galaxy S3??
    not *iPhone 5S?*

  17. robocop2025 says:

    Just rob them..the boat is already attached.. 

  18. Rafa Samp says:

    Waiting for Pc :(

  19. foxriders917 says:

    Haha aweosme!

  20. Jason Hernandez says:


  21. Quintikable says:

    Did you tried to put boat back?

  22. MartiniuS ChaneL says:

    Ceпер , Super 5+

  23. Brianna Chambers says:

    Ha ha


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