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  1. Brent Strieter says:

    Great video loved the music! I’m a Lake Huron boater but sure love Lake
    Michigan, can’t wait for summer.
    Thank you

  2. Greg Vierling says:

    Thanks for taking us along! Inspiring.

  3. rob jackman says:

    very nice

  4. Mathieu Bélanger says:

    Realy nice i enjoy to watch it.

  5. J.B. Jefferson says:

    Makes the wife and I want to try this.

  6. Ambiances travels says:

    Great video , you went to our home port white lake were docked in Ellenwood

  7. Jim Hock says:

    Thanks for the great Michigan memories! I lived the 1st 60 years of my life
    in Michigan and of course visited most of those places.

  8. SgtRollo61 says:

    Great video! OMG! What an adventure! We want to take that trip next season
    on our boat.. (not the one you see, that’s our runabout LOL )


    hey danabelle00 did you have ac and heat in ur boat

  10. Dana Liss says:

    “Mackinac” is the spelling of “Mackinac Island” and “Mackinaw” is the
    spelling of “Mackinaw City” (which is across from Mackinac Island). But
    they are both pronounced the same (mackinaw)! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  11. Dana Liss says:

    pivot360master: The total trip was 16 days, 941.3 miles, covered 4 states
    and 2 of the great lakes! We used 453.9 Gallons of fuel for a trip average
    of 2.07 MPG. Gas averaged $3.10 a gallon on that trip(2010) for a total
    cost of $1407.09.

  12. Dana Liss says:

    yes we do have both, which is a good thing because the first half of the
    trip was hot weather, but it was pretty cold by the time we reached
    wisconsin. I think we used the heat then. We have a few 12-volt fans for
    when we anchor out now, but we didn’t need to anchor out on that trip.

  13. amodax says:

    Wow great video! must have been a really great trip. I’m going to Michigan
    this summer and Lake michigan is nr1 on my list!

  14. Ryan Meador says:

    I just picked up the same boat! 2004 Black 268 Vista in GREAT condition.
    LIke what you did with the underwater lights.

  15. Kurtis Quigley says:

    Good video, looked like it was a fun trip. What year is your boat? What
    preparations did you make in order to feel comfortable traversing that
    amount of water?

  16. Dana Liss says:

    thank you! Ben said that you two stopped by 🙂 The lake can definitely be
    a scary place sometimes, but we’ve learned some great lessons (like when to
    stay in port) and there’s no feeling better than being the only boat you
    see in any direction. It definitely is an adventure!

  17. Adam Smith says:

    Why do you spell it “Mackinaw” some places and “Mackinac” other places?
    It’s a great video by the way.

  18. Jim Courtney says:

    Great video/blog. I bought a Rinker 260EC last year afer having a bow rider
    for a few years. Home base is Lake St.Clair, MI. Made (1) adventure to
    Cedar Point last year, and would like to do a longer trip this year —
    maybe Mackinaw. Your blog made these off-season months more bearable.


    you are not afraid. I mean i just got back from my trip and the waves in
    Florida are no laughing matter do you think your boat is reliable?

  20. Dana Liss says:

    we’d love to take the boat to florida/bahamas someday. we’re doing 2 trips
    next year – North Channel of Ontario/Lake Huron and Door Peninsula,
    Wisconsin. Can’t wait!

  21. Lauren Johnson says:

    I hope your “friends” split the expenses with you, ie GAS, GAS and more
    GAS! meals, moorage etc.

  22. Bartlomiej says:

    how much was gas overall?

  23. BOB WOODRUFF says:

    Nicely edited video……….pretty wife, too.

  24. leefuji says:

    nice trip! is that a 2003/2004 Four Winns? I’m looking into getting of
    these or a Rinker 27 Vee.


    I did the same trip but from NewYork to Florida Keys a total of 4 and a
    half day trip we mainly when to Florida for shark fishing with me and my
    buddies. We had a lot of fun we went on my 270 rinker but since i have twin
    engines we burned a total of 500.6 gallons of gas at a total of 1500$ at
    3.87$ a gallon expensive trip but fun doing this again this year

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