Oracle Team USA’s AC50 Touched Water In Bermuda

Oracle team USA for America’s cup sailed their new boat christened ‘17’ touched the water for the first time in Bermuda.

After the training session, the skipper Jimmy Spithill said that the team had a successful day and the first impressions of the boat were very good and everyone in the team is happy with it.

On its first sail, the team completed the preliminary performances and the necessary safety tests taking four hours. The skipper added that they had an extended training session on the first sail. According to Jimmy Spithill, it was the perfect day for the first sail with 10-12 knots. The team was able to make full advantage of the condition and work out all the tactics.

It took the effort of 15 designers and more than 50 boat builders to design and construct ‘17’. 85,000 man hours were needed to build the boat. The in-house team was supported by partners like Oracle, BMW, Parker, Airbus, and Yanmar in providing technical expertise.

The Sailing Team Manager, Tom Slingsby, announced that they have made a big step and confirmed that the boat was in perfect condition.

The preparation of the test boats went on for the past two years, the new America’s Cup Class boat has undergone plenty of improvements with the constant input from experienced athletes on board.

Though the new boat is similar to the old boat in the look, it’s not entirely same in the build and design. There are a lot of changes made and it has a completely different playbook to provide guidance for sailing the boat and still, new methods and techniques are constantly evolving.

Slingsby said that they are planning to load the boat up in stronger winds next time, before entering to race practice mode. He said that if they can practice in more breezy condition next time, then they will get into the actual race preparation.