Sailing Enthusiasts Assembled At Annual Round Canvey Race

Several enthusiasts of sailing gathered at the Benfleet Yacht Club at the weekend to be the part of one of the premier rowing competitions of east coast that is taking place as competitors are raced around Canvey Island in the eighth.

In the competition, a total of twenty-eight boats participated and in the all stand in a line to start the 14.5-mile course. The course was all the way round Canvey Island, starting and finishing at the Benfleet Club.

However, it has been not just a rowing race, with sailors and paddlers entering as well.

As usual, in the race there was a mixture of boats present. There were two Thames Waterman cutters and six rowers coming from the Port of London Authority (PLA) and London Port Health Authority (LPHA) to double and single person surfskis (fast canoes).

Meanwhile, there were a huge variety of skiffs and gigs and with fixed seat rowing, two and rowers and sliding seat boats with one and a row/sail skiff. The wind was southeasterly on the day and with the wind the sailors flew up the out of Canvey making ground on all the rowers.

This year one more record was broken by the double surfski of Richard England. The sailor who completed the course in the fastest time is 1 hour, 43 minutes, 36 seconds. With this record he slashed four minutes off the previous best.

The Lady Gillet was the fastest fixed seat boat from the London Port Health Authority and it finished the race in 2 hours 4 minutes. On the other hand, the fastest sliding seat boat was coaxed by Ann Adams from Benfleet YC; he finished the race in 2 hours, 1 minute. The Ann and Billy, her husband are the proprietors of the Windjammer public house (WPH) on Canvey who is the race sponsors.