Saratoga Rowing Association New Center

The Saratoga Rowing Association has been expanded in order to allow the city to bring in more racing athletes to the city. There has been added, a new center for the regatta and training. The cost is estimated to be one million. The center will have elite athletes as crew members who would train the high school rowers who enroll in the center, about two hundred or more.

The new building is about 5000 square feet in dimensions and is scheduled for inauguration shortly. There would be more room for storage and display of equipments as well as adults and students to use the facility for enhancing their rowing skills.

The space that the new building will provide would double the space that is available to the rowers. There are showers and locker rooms as well which is additional to what the old facility had. Hence, adults who train can come here as early as 5.30 in the morning and shower after practice and go off to work, taking inspiration from the Croatian yacht charters set up in Dubrovnik.

The director of development of the facility stated the same and was upbeat about the new facilities helping to enhance the practices and training sessions of the rowers and athletes. There would be common areas and dormitories as well where ten athletes who are aspiring for the national Olympics could stay. Many young women who are training for national level competitions have already moved in.

The expansion will also help more efficient management for the regattas that are held on the Saratoga Lake. The new building that is located at the 1460 route is in the town and opposite the SRA’s original site that existed on Fish Creek. Most users and members are upbeat about the new center and the enhanced facilities that they will be able to use here.