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Upcoming Easter Regatta in Columbia

Easter Regatta of the Columbia Sailing Club is an event that has been on since the eighties. The popular category for sailing is the J/24s and this category has been on for several years now. This event is said to be one of the popular ones for the sailing community and the J/24 event has certainly endured. What it offers the sailors is a mix of world-class competition and a variety of shore-side events.

The regatta allows for amateur teams as well as professional contenders who vy for the trophy. There is something that impels sailors to return to this event every year. The club that organizes it, Columbia Sailing, has great facilities to offer as well. There is a Bath House in the camping area and the beach which campers can enjoy. Those who opt for membership at the club can get free camping which is first come first served basis, meals served at the club as well as get to be part of the parties and events organized by the club. The beach has wondrous views to offer and the peninsula setting of the same provides a camping experience that is liked by many.

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Milwaukee Area Sail And Trail

Sailing took on a fun element when MAST, Milwaukee Area Sail and Trail, was out up by a group of sailors who have similar interests in sailing. The Mast Yacht Club defined a motto for the event as well. They stated that the motto of the event was serious fun and not serious racing.

The club has just finished its forty first season and it does not seem to have lost out in spirit in any way. The last race for the season was just conducted by the club and the fun format was used by the club here. They have had other kinds of formats in previous races such as pursuit race. They also had a Frisbee race of the relay kind. This year they have a regatta dart race. It was a novel format that raised a lot of enthusiasm among the participants.

The race course in this format was a twice round the leeward or the windward with the use of PHRF handicaps. Those who finished the race then got onto the shore and tried to improve scores for their team by throwing in three darts. The score of the darts thrown were added to every boat’s handicap gathered during the race. This helped to add a new element to the usual boat racing. There was a fun element added to the race in this way, and it meant anyone could win the first prize of a week’s yacht chartering in Scotland. (more…)

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